Storage Options

3 part climate control protection


Heated, Air Conditioning, Humidity Control

Our climate control units are specifically designed to protect your belongings from the fluctuations of the harsh northeast climate.  Our system heats in the winter to 55 degrees. Prevents from going above 80 in the summer and also maintains a consistent humidity level between 35-55%.

Why do I need climate control?

Climate control is for the things you care about the most. Items like antiques, high end furniture electronics, Art, photos, and files that may be affected by extreme temperatures or humidity. Climate control is also a nice option for those who spend a lot of time in and out of there unit. Especially during the winter months you will be going through your things in a heated environment instead of being at the mercy of winter temps.

All of our climate control units are ground level hall accessible.

Traditional storage.

Along with our climate control we also offer a great deal of traditional drive-up storage. These units are clean, dry, and very easy to access. Just back up to the roll up door and unload.  The main thing to consider when choosing traditional storage is would these items be ok inside a garage for the period of time you need to store them. If you are unsure which way to go call us and we will gladly give you our recommendation.